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Create and Forward an Outlook Address
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1. Choose an address and password

Create an Outlook Email and

2. Click "Settings" then "View All Outlook Settings"

Create an Outlook Email and

3. Add a redirect rule on all incoming messages to ""

Create an Outlook Email and
  1. Navigate to the Outlook signup page 

  2. Choose a username and password

    • Make sure your password contains an uppercase character, a special character, and ends in a number​

  3. Once you've logged into your account, click the settings cog, then "view all Outlook settings"

  4. Select "Rules"

  5. Add a new rule

  6. Name your rule

  7. Under "Add a condition" choose "Apply to all messages"

  8. Under "Add an action" choose "Redirect to"

  9. Enter "" and click the address.

  10. Click Save

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